Downup The Exit 796 19 January 2018

Downup The Exit 796 Bollywood upcoming movie trailer 2018

Directed by: Jaimin Bal
Produced by: Namita Bal, Soumya Ranjan Patnaik
Written by: Jaimin Bal, Ranju Cyclone
Starring: Vinayak Mishra, Kirti Sualy, Yatin Karyekar, Ashish Sharma, Aniket Dhawalshankh, etc.
Cinematography: Pradeep Khanwelkar
Production company: Jaimin Bal Entertainment
Release date: 19 January 2018
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Genre: Thriller


Downup The Exit 796 is a story about an innocent, Adolescent Geek who is careless about his social responsibilities. He unknowingly entered into the vicious circle of pang and toil in order to protect his Mother and Motherland. The story revolves around struggle and wit of Protagonist who is forced to work for terrorists, wherein he is supposed to develop a mass destruction weapon.

Downup The Exit 796 is an action thriller Movie directed by Jaimin Bal and produced by Jaimin Bal and soumya Ranjan Patnaik Downup The Exit 796 is scheduled to release theatrically on 12 January 2018

Downup The Exit 796 Bollywood upcoming movie trailer 2018

Released on: 19 January 2018

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Downup The Exit 796, Bollywood Hindi Thriller Latest Upcoming Movie Trailer

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